About SeaHorse

Seahorse is an Irish technology and data management company. We provide our clients with the tools and supports they need to ensure the security of and access to their data. At the core of our business is our aim is to provide data security in a data fluid world. We have combined a suite of trusted services and systems with our uniquely skilled developers to create our bespoke active-monitoring and data management system. At Seahorse, we understand that your data is your business.

As businesses grow, they collect and store larger and larger quantities of customer-related data. Often times they’re unaware of how and where their data is stored and more importantly, if their data is secure and compliant with GDPR guidelines. Data breeches can have long-lasting effect on a business, your customers and your future reputation. We give you back control and transparency of your data, applying intelligent software to manage and monitor data traffic allowing it to identify, reacting to and even preempt potentially harmful breeches of your data.

We Understand

Your Data Is Your Business

Our Mission

Providing Data Security in a data fluid world is at the core of our business and the keystone of our aim for customer satisfaction. It is Seahorse’s policy to consistently provide a service that meets customer requirements and exceeds their expectations. Seahorse strives to actively pursue ongoing enhancements to the security of your data via our bespoke active-monitoring and management system.

Secure Managed Monitored Data Service