What changes have to be made to our system to use your product?

In short, practically none. In the vast majority of cases we make a small edit to a configuration file and that gets the system up and running. Its a plug and play application so your database activity is simply redirected to a remote system in the cloud.

I currently pay for the hosting of my database, do I need to continue doing this if I adopt your product?

No, you can cancel your existing database hosting package after you adopt our DMS. Our monthly fee includes the API and database hosting which is through AWS (Amazon) who are the world leader in secure cloud computing.

How do I know where my data is stored?

As an AWS partner we operate within their global infrastructure meaning that we can choose from a wide pool of locations to store data as specified by the client. At present there are 4 regions within the EU: Ireland, Frankfurt, London and Paris and 14 more worldwide.

What is different about using your system compared with our current setup?

Our API acts as a buffer between your systems database requests and client data. Within this buffer the DMS can process, analyse and monitor requests to confirm they are valid and in turn act if they are malicious. Most systems have little or no visibility of their database activity which makes it very difficult to troubleshoot issues, identify breaches and stop attacks. The Seahorse DMS is a window onto your most valuable asset – your client data, allowing for best practice data management in line with regulation compliance.

How do I know which version I need?

If you get in contact with us we can quickly confirm which version of the system you will need. The Enterprise and Enterprise Plus versions of the DMS are designed for existing systems running outdated code and offer a more robust security solution.