Our Product

Our Product

Why do I need to know my Data?

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. When customers interact with you and your website or web-based application they generate your data. Therefore your data is your business.

Recent high profile cases have highlighted the vulnerabilities of websites and their susceptibility to infiltration of sensitive customer data. At the same time, customers are become increasingly aware of the importance of how their data is looked after. And all of this is being overseen by stronger regulatory responses such as GDPR.

Findings from a research report, Sucuri: Hacked Website Trend Report, indicate that up to 74% of websites commonly used by SMEs are likely to be porous to attack from manual hackers, automated system attacks, “Bots” or Malware penetration. Often times, you will not even know that the attack is in progress or be aware that it ever occurred.

How can you mitigate against the risks?

Go extreme & quit storing customer data? Probably not very business friendly!

Draft in a team of software specialists to rewrite your entire code-base, add layers of complex security protocols and protective interactions? A robust option! One that would be costly & disruptive to your business while adding an ongoing maintenance cost for any future development and/ or expansion.

Put your business-head in the sand and pretend it’s not am issue for you? Sure, there has been no issues to date (that you know about anyway). Anyway, even if a data breach does happen, once your customers don’t know they won’t disengage & if the Data Protection Commissioner doesn’t find out they can’t impose fines…right?

Do you know your data?

The Seahorse Solution

Seahorse Data Management Service (DMS) allows you to take control of your data.
In a globalised data storage environment having cloud-based access to your data from anywhere at any time has significant benefits for your business.
Uncertainty over where it’s being stored and who might be accessing it can however cause challenges.

We give your business certainty as to the geo-location of your data and provide for its security.
Furthermore, we provide control, insight and transparency of how and when your Data is being accessed and by who.
Database transactions are constantly monitored and compared against the anticipated traffic to detect, identify and respond to potential and definite threats to your database, taking evasive action as required based on the threat level.


Your Data is your business.

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